Garbage, Recycling, Yard Waste & Brush Collection

Refuse and Recycling

The City's new waste hauler is Groot. If you have questions about your toter, recycling toters, or refuse and recycling service, please contact Groot directly at, or visit, or call 630-892-9294.

Please note, there are new collection days for many residents. Collections are Monday through Friday, so check the map link to confirm your collection day, or call Batavia Public Works at 630-454-2400.  

All households are required to rent a Groot toter for refuse.   The various sizes and toters rental costs are listed in the chart below. 

If residents have filled up their toter and have additional refuse items such as a bag, 30-gallon can, or bulk items, they can be placed outside and next to the full toter with a Groot prepaid sticker on them.

Bulk items require a prepaid Groot sticker. Appliances and furnishings are considered bulk items, including but not limited to: refrigerator, freezer, stove, mattress, box spring, sofas, dressers, chairs, and tables. Carpet needs to be rolled into 4-foot long bundles and each bundle should not weigh more than 50 pounds.

A discount for senior citizens is available residents 65 or older for the 35-gallon refuse toter. Residents may stop into the City of Batavia Utility Billing office, 100 N. Island Ave. to provide proof age to City staff, and they will contact Groot on your behalf.  

City of Batavia residents are encouraged to participate in the curbside recycling program.  Residents will keep their current recycling carts and Groot Industries will relabel them over the coming months.  Additional recycle toters are available for rent by contacting Groot Industries by email at or calling 630-892-9294.  

All recyclable items listed may be mixed in the same recycling cart; they will be sorted later at the recycling facility. Recycling items are picked up on the same day as refuse and garbage.  

Refuse, recycling and yard waste are collected by different trucks on different routes. If your home is missed, please contact Groot Industries at 630-892-9294 or Batavia Public Works 630-454-2400 before noon the following day.

Yard Waste 

Yard waste is collected separately from regular refuse and recycling. Weekly yard waste collection begins April 1 and ends November 30. Yard waste will be collected for two weeks at the beginning of the yard waste collection season without a sticker.  Outside of those weeks, residents should place a prepaid disposal sticker on each generic yard waste bag or 32-gallon can and put bag/can at the curb on their regular refuse and recycling collection date. Cans must be clearly labeled yard waste on the front, and a disposal sticker should be attached to the handle. Plastic bags cannot be used. Maximum capacity is 50 pounds per yard waste bag or container. Yard waste toters with 65-gallon or 95-gallon capacity are also available to rent through Groot.  Pricing is listed below.  Refuse may not be mixed with yard waste.

Miscellaneous Information 

Collection will not be provided on the following holidays:

  • Independence Day, July 4, 2023
  • Labor Day, September 4, 2023
  • Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 2023
  • Christmas (Observed) December 25, 2023
  • New Year's Day, January 1, 2024
  • Memorial Day, May 27, 2024

If a collection day falls on a holiday, collection will be provided one day later. This also applies for the rest of the days that week (if the holiday is on Tuesday, Monday’s collection will remain on Monday and then all the rest will be one day later).

If the holiday should fall on a Sunday, Monday will be a holiday for Groot with service delayed one day the remainder of the week.

Please refer to the FAQs for additional information.

For more information or questions about pick-ups, call Groot at 630-892-9294 or the Batavia Public Works Department at 630-454-2400.

Refuse, Recycling, Yard Waste Program Prices

Year 1 7/1/23- 6/30/24Year 2
7/1/24- 6/30/25
Year 3
7/1/25- 6/30/26
Year 4
7/1/26- 6/30/27
Year 5
7/1/27- 7/31/28
35-Gallon Refuse Toter Monthly Rental$16.75 $17.42$18.12$18.84$19.59
35-Gallon SENIOR Refuse Toter Monthly Rental$12.75 
65-Gallon Refuse Toter Monthly Rental
95-Gallon Refuse Toter Monthly Rental
Disposal Sticker for Yard Waste, bulk item, or addition refuse (Per Item)
Included 65-Gallon Recycling Toter
no  fee
no  fee

no fee

no  fee

no  fee

Additional 65-Gallon OR 95-Gallon Recycling Toter Monthly Rental 
65-Gallon Dedicated Yard Waste Toter Monthly Rental – Seasonal Collection (April 1-Nov 30)
$109.38 Prorated amount for starting July 1 
95-Gallon Dedicated Yard Waste Toter Monthly Rental – Seasonal Collection (April 1-Nov 30)
$115.62 Prorated amount for starting July 1 

New Waste Hauling Contract with Groot Industries

The following FAQs provide a timeline and overview of the City of Batavia's contract with Groot Industries to provide waste hauling services beginning July 1.