Single-Use Bag Fees


BATAVIA, Ill. (April 21, 2023) –To help remind shoppers to bring their own bags to area retailers, Batavia is launching the BYOB* campaign.

BYOB* – Bring Your Own Bag – aims to encourage shoppers to carry reusable bags to local stores to avoid the retail single-use bag fee which takes effect July 1. The Batavia City Council voted in November 2022 to implement the fee.

Through a website,, social media posts, city newsletters, posters, stickers, and other materials, shoppers can learn about the environmental impact of non-reusable bags, as well as details about the fee, and tips for making reusable bags part of a shopping routine.

“We hope to see a significant reduction in the consumption of single-use bags in our community. This measure can reduce pollution of our land, air and water and will reduce the use of fossil fuels needed to produce single-use bags,” said Carolyn Burnham, a member of the City of Batavia Environmental Commission. “To make the biggest impact, we encourage everyone to use the bags they already have when they shop.”

The retail single-use bag fee is 10 cents for any non-reusable bag provided by a retail establishment in Batavia that is larger than 5,000 square feet. There are several retailers that are excluded from the fee, including restaurants, pharmacies, and bags for produce, meat, and bakery items. For more details, please visit

Retailers will collect the 10-cent fee, retaining 4 cents and remitting 6 cents to the City of Batavia. Batavia City Council Alderwoman Jennifer Baerren said the bag fee program’s aim is to decrease non-reusable bags, not necessarily generate revenue.

“I am excited to see the money collected in these fees decline year over year,” Baerren said. “However, with the fees collected, I will push with the council to fund environmental projects that currently do not have funding identified.”

In approving the fee, Batavia City Council Alderwoman Abby Beck said she is proud of Batavia for recognizing local policy has the potential to make progress toward a cleaner, greener future. 

“I'm grateful to the Batavia Environmental Commission for their expertise and leadership and feel confident in our community to adapt and change our shopping behaviors,” Beck said.

For complete details, please refer to the municipal code, Ordinance 22-59.

Retailer list

The following retail establishments are over 5,000 square feet and will be assessing the 10-cent fee per non-reusable bag:

  • Ace Hardware, 1901 W. Wilson St.
  • Advance Auto Parts, 861 N. Randall Rd.
  • ALDI, 451 N. Randall Rd.
  • Berkley Finer Foods, 28 S. Van Buren St.
  • Dollar Tree, 1964 W. Fabyan Pkwy.
  • Goodstop By Casey's, 2074 Main St.
  • Goodwill, 450 N. Randall Rd.
  • Hobby Lobby, 421 N. Randall Rd.
  • Jewel-Osco, 119 S. Randall Rd.
  • K Hollis Jewelers, 147 S. Randall Rd.
  • Kohl's, 251 N. Randall Rd.
  • Menards, 300 N. Randall Rd.
  • Officemax, 321 N. Randall Rd.
  • Pep Boys, 837 N. Randall Rd.
  • Sierra, 1980 W. Fabyan Pkwy.
  • Target, 115 N. Randall Rd.
  • Trader Joe's, 1942 W. Fabyan Pkwy.
  • Walgreens, 122 W. Wilson St.
  • Walgreens, 1918 W. Fabyan Pkwy.
  • Walmart Supercenter, 801 N. Randall Rd.

Information for Retailers

Please visit the City of Batavia Finance Department's Single Use Bag Fee page for details on remitting the fee.