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Committee of the Whole Agenda
Tuesday, September 12, 2023
7:00 PM  Council Chambers 1st Floor

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Roll Call


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Approve Minutes for: July 11, 2023, July 18, 2023, July 25, 2023 and August 22, 2023


Items Removed/Added/Changed


Matters from the Public (For Items NOT on Agenda)


Consent Agenda:

(The consent agenda is made up of items recommended by city staff that require recommendation to the full City Council by the Cow. This agenda is placed as a separate item of the COW agenda. The items on the consent agenda are usually minor items, already budgeted, standard non-policy activities or outgrowths of earlier meetings and are voted on as a “package” in the interest of saving time on non-controversial issues. However, any council member may, by simple request, have an item removed and placed on the “regular” agenda.).

 a.  Resolution 23-106-R: Request For an Extension Of Validity For The Final Plat For Batavia 

      Logistics Center Subdivision – Variation From The Subdivision Regulations (DR) CD

 b.  Resolution 23-107-R: Request For An Extension Of Validity For The Final Plat For Windmill 

      Place Unit 1 First Resubdivision – Variation From The Subdivision Regulations (ZE 9/07/23) CD

         c.  Resolution 23-111-R: Authorizing Support of Participation in the 2023 Safe Routes to School 

            Grant Program (CB 8/24/23) CS

       d.  Resolution 23-114-R: Awarding a sculptural commission for the West Side Cemetery 

            Columbarium (GH 9/08/23) CS

e.  Resolution 23-110-R:  IDOT Resolution for Construction on State Highways (JPB 08/22/23) 


       f.   Resolution 23-112-R: Approving 12kV and 35kV Installation Along Raddant Road 

             (SA 09/06/23) PU

       g.   Resolution 23-113-R: Approving Directional Bore for 1401 N Kirk 35kV Electric Service 

             (SA 09/06/23) PU

       h.   Resolution 23-115-R: Approving Task Order #14 with Power System Engineering to provide

             Design Engineering Services for Main Substation Rebuild for an amount not to exceed  

             $182,750.00 (RB 09/07/23)

       i.    Approval: Class G Special Use Liquor License – Bar Evolution – Batavia Flag Monument Gala 

             Event on September 30, 2023 (SM 8/18/23)


Presentation: Lead Service Line Replacement – Project Update (Emily Conti – Engineering Enterprises)


Ordinance 23-35: Repealing Ordinance 09-26 And Creating The Batavia Active Transportation Advisory Commission (MW 8/22/23) GS


Resolution 23-109-R: Authorizing execution of contract for water treatment iron lagoon cleaning with Stewart Spreading for an amount not to exceed $115,000.00 (JPB 08/22/2023) PU


Approval: City Sponsorship of the Flag Day Monument Opening Day Gala Event


Discussion: Use of ARPA Funds to Assist Small Businesses Affected by the Pandemic


Presentation: Employee Survey


Project Status




Executive Session:

a. Litigation (WB)

b. Purchase of Real Estate (LN)