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Committee of the Whole Agenda
Tuesday, May 9, 2023
7:00 PM  Council Chambers 1st Floor

Hybrid Meeting


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Roll Call


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Items Removed/Added/Changed


Matters from the Public (For Items NOT on Agenda)


Consent Agenda:

(The consent agenda is made up of items recommended by city staff that require recommendation to the full City Council by the Cow. This agenda is placed as a separate item of the COW agenda. The items on the consent agenda are usually minor items, already budgeted, standard non-policy activities or outgrowths of earlier meetings and are voted on as a “package” in the interest of saving time on non-controversial issues. However, any council member may, by simple request, have an item removed and placed on the “regular” agenda.).

  1. Resolution 23-068-R: Approval of a Temporary Construction License with Target Corp. for reconstruction of the Randall Rd. Sanitary Lift Station (GH 5/5/23) PU
  2. Resolution 23-069-R:  Approval of a Grant of Easement with Target Corp. for reconstruction of the Randall Rd. Sanitary Lift Station (GH 5/5/23) PU
  3. Ordinance 23-20: Amending the Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map for Property at 216 Whipple Avenue from Residential > 2-3.5 Dwelling Units per Acre to Neighborhood Commercial/ Mixed Use. (ZE 5/2/23) CD
  4. Ordinance 23-21: Amendment to the Zoning Map for 834 Main Street, 216, 221, 224, 229 Whipple Avenue (ZE 5/2/23) CD
  5. Resolution 23-065-R: Authorizing Execution of a Contract for the 2023 Crackfilling Program with Denler, Inc. in the amount not to exceed $213,932.50. (CB 4/26/23) CS
  6. Resolution 23-066-R, Authorizing Execution of IDOT Resolution to Appropriate Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) Funds for the 2023 Crackfilling Program. (CB 4/26/23) CS

Ordinance 23-17: Amending the Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map for Property a portion of property at 103 Main Street from Light Industrial to Public Facilities & Institutional (DR 5/4/23) CD


Ordinance 23-18: Amendment to the Zoning Map for a PFI Public Facilities and Institutional District and Planned Development Overlay District with Amendments to a Planned Development Granted by Ordinance 16-78 (DMR 5/4/23) CD


Ordinance 23-22: Amending Title 5 of the Municipal Code Relating to Dogs and Animals in the City of Batavia (EB 4/26/23) GS


Discussion: Trailer and Semitrailer Licensing and Regulations (ZE 4/20/23) CD


Discussion: N. River Street One-Way Conversion Project Status Update (GH 5/3/23) PU


Discussion: West Cemetery Columbarium Sculpture Competition Submissions (GH 5/03/23) CS


Project Status




Executive Session:

a.  Land Acquisition (SCB)

b. Setting the Price of Land for Sale (SCB)