Planning & Zoning Applications

These applications are for projects that involve a public hearing or meeting process before the Plan Commission or City Council. Please contact the Community & Economic Development Department's Planning and Zoning Division for assistance with projects that require these applications. Staff will inform you of when these applications are required.

  • Proposed Development Plan Review and Pre-Development Checklist (PDF) - City Staff offers a Pre-Development Project Review to potential applicants to discuss and review projects. Contact Planning Division staff to arrange a meeting to review a proposed project. This checklist includes the basic information that should be submitted with any Pre-Development Project Review.
  • Zoning Appeals (PDF) - This form is for a request to appeal a decision of staff, the Plan Commission or the Board of Appeals.

Grant Applications

The City of Batavia offers a number of matching grant opportunities to support existing and new businesses. All programs are overseen by the Community and Economic Development Department. Awards are subject to available funding and City Council approval.     

Learn more about those programs and the approval process.