Utility Capacities


The City of Batavia owns and manages its own Electric, Water, Wastewater and Fiber Optics Utilities:


City receives power from bulk system via 2 independent, 138kV feedersCity transmits power through its system at 34kV, local distribution is at 12kVCity owns three 138K/34K station transformers and six 34kV/12kV station transformers

Water tower in BataviaWater

City has 4.7 million gallons of potable water storage, including both elevated andground tanks


City's current capacity is at 4.3 MGD, with planned expansion to 4.9 MGD


City owns fiber network throughout city its incorporated area with connection to I-88 Corridor. Privately held providers include Comcast, ATT and the City's newest service provider, MetroNet