Committee Assignments


City finances, budget and personnel polices, public property, intergovernmental matters, ordinances, legislative appointment review, information services, legal matters, proposed Federal, State and County legislation.

Chair: Dan Chanzit
Title: Ward 3 City Council Member
Phone: 630-803-9525
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Vice Chair: Abby Beck
Title: Ward 5 City Council Member
Phone: 702-469-2698
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Planning, zoning, annexation and subdivision control and development, property maintenance issues, facade and preservation programs.

Chair: Alan Wolff
Title: Ward 2 City Council Member
Phone: 630-338-5110
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Vice Chair: Mark Uher
Title: Ward 5 City Council Member
Phone: 630-303-6087
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Health and sanitation, building and grounds maintenance, building and fire codes, streets and sidewalks, solid waste, cemetery, forestry, drainage, police and fire protection, traffic control and civil defense.

Chair: Mike Russotto
Title: Ward 6 City Council Member
Phone: 630-222-2686
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Vice Chair: Tony Malay
Title: Ward 4 City Council Member
Phone: 630-205-4322
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Water, sewer and electric utilities, computer and telecommunications systems.

Chair: Nick Cerone
Title: Ward 6 City Council Member
Phone: 630-890-4515
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Vice Chair: Keenan Miller
Title: Ward 7 City Council Member
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