Water and Sewer Division

The Water and Sewer Division is responsible for providing reliable, high-quality drinking water, and sanitary sewer collection services to help ensure the health and safety of customers, as well as maintaining compliance with state and federal standards. 

The water division is responsible for supplying safe drinking water to over 26,000 citizens. The division maintains water meters for 9,500 residential customers and over 950 commercial/industrial accounts. 

The sewer division is responsible for ensuring the sewer system functions properly by routinely cleaning, repairing or lining worn pipes.

Water Source

The City of Batavia's drinking water comes from a combination of shallow and deep water wells. The shallow well water is pumped from the wells to the city's water treatment plant where the water is filtered and iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide are removed. The water is chlorinated, fluoridated, and treated with a corrosion inhibitor.

The deep well water is pumped from the wells to a radium removal water treatment plant. The City of Batavia utilizes the HMO adsorption process for the removal of radium.

The blended water from both treatment processes is stored in a 500,000 gallon reservoir and a 100,000 gallon mixing tank. The water is then it is pumped into three elevated water storage tanks totaling 3 million gallons for delivery to Batavia customers.