Yard Waste

Batavia residents will have the option to choose between a sticker and subscription cart program for yard waste through waste hauler vendor Groot.

Yard Waste collection Program runs from April 1 – November 30th:

Prepaid Disposal Sticker Option for Yard Waste – $3.00/per disposal sticker: An unlimited amount of properly prepared yard waste bags or resident owned 32 gallon rigid containers will be collected curbside each week as long as a prepaid landscape waste sticker is affixed to each container.

Cart Subscription Service Option for Yard Waste:

  • 95 Gallon Cart: $185.00 * 2023 season will be prorated in the amount of $115.62 starting July 1
  • 65 Gallon Cart: $175.00 * 2023 season will be prorated in the amount of $109.38 starting July 1
  • A 65 gallon or 95 gallon cart designated for yard waste will be provided. Any yard waste outside the cart will be collected as long as it is properly prepared and a disposal sticker affixed to each item. The customer will be billed an annual fee for this program per season.

To properly prepare yard waste: Yard waste must be placed in a 30-gallon Kraft paper yard waste bags or personal cans clearly marked Yard Waste not to exceed 50 pounds and have a waste sticker attached. The stickers used for yard waste are the same as the stickers used for excess garbage. Yard waste mixed with trash or in plastic bags will not be collected. Yard waste will be collected on the same day as your trash and must be at the curb.

Where to Buy Stickers

Refuse stickers are available for purchase at several local outlets or at groot.com. View a current list of vendors and prices.

What Material Is Yard Waste?

Yard waste includes grass clippings; leaves; branches and brush; other yard and garden trimmings; vines, garden plants and flowers; weeds; tree droppings such as pinecones and crabapples; and other similar organic waste materials.

Not includedSod and greenery from wreaths or garlands is not yard waste and should be disposed of as refuse.

You can mix select food scraps in your yard waste cart, yard waste can, or a brown Kraft yard waste bag.  Food scraps should be placed directly within the yard waste cart, can, or Kraft yard waste bag and bags should not be used inside the container, including those labeled compostable.  

Acceptable food scrap items that may be added to your yard waste cart, yard waste can, or brown Kraft yard waste bag include: Fruits & vegetables including unpainted holiday pumpkins; breads, grains, pasta and cereal; dairy and eggs including eggshells, but no liquids; coffee grounds, filters and teabags.

Unacceptable items: No meat, poultry or seafood; no bones or shells; no fats, grease or oil; no liquids; no pet waste; no packaging; no paper plates or any other service ware (even if marked compostable); no plastics, styrofoam, glass, metal, or diapers.


Bundles of brush or branches no longer than 4 feet in length, 2 feet in diameter, and weighing no more than 50 pounds securely tied with biodegradable rope, cord, twine, or string can be placed out as yard waste. A refuse/yard waste sticker must be attached to each bundle. Residents may also dispose of brush through the Brush Collection Program; no stickers are required since the cost is already included on residents’ utility bill.

 Leaf Collection

In addition to the city’s fall Leaf Collection Program, residents will be permitted to place only leaves in yard waste bags on their scheduled collection dates between December 1 and December 31; these bags will not require a disposal sticker during this time frame.