Public Works

Public Works is charged with the primary responsibility for maintaining the City of Batavia's:

  • Cemeteries
  • Infrastructure buildings
  • Parkways
  • Roads
  • Utilities

To accomplish this, Public Works is comprised of six divisions. Here are the general areas the departments manage:

  • Electric: Power outages; electric service connections; locating underground utilities; tree trimming along electric lines
  • Engineering: Design and construction of infrastructure; stormwater management; review of development projects; overseeing construction
  • Public Properties and Services: Maintaining city-owned buildings and facilities; forestry; city vehicle maintenance; refuse, recycling, and brush collection
  • Street: Roadways; snow plowing; cemeteries; leaf collection
  • Wastewater: Treatment; lift station
  • Water and Sewer: Water treatment and distribution; watermain repairs; sanitary sewers; utility meters

Report a concern

Depending on your concern, there are a few ways to contact city personnel to report an issue. 

Power outages: Please call 630-454-2350. Please note: Batavia runs its own electric utility.

Sewer backup: Please call 630-454-2450. If it occurs after regular business hours, call the police non-emergency number at 630-454-2500.

Service Request Portal: Report service requests through an online form in the following categories: disposal and collection; drainage and flooding; non-power outage electric issues; forestry, trees and planters; streets, parkways, sidewalks and signs; water and sewer.

Public Works Staff Directory: Please visit the staff directory for contact information for individuals within the public works departments. Staff Directory