Electrical - Large General Service

Demand Rate Under 50 million Kilowatts


This rate is applicable to all customers with demand of 750 kilowatts or more in 4 or more of the 12 months preceding the billing month and new services with an estimated demand over 750 kilowatts at the primary voltage. This rate is applicable to any customer exceeding 750 kilowatts of demand as previously noted with an annual use of less than 50 million kilowatts in the preceding calendar year beginning on January one of each year.

May 1, 2015

  • Monthly customer charge: $100 per month.
  • Energy charges: $0.04362 per kilowatt-hour supplied in the month
  • All months: $17.25 per kilowatt for all kilowatts of billing demand

Billing Demand

There shall be a minimum demand charge of $750 per month. The billing demand shall be the maximum demand in any month determined by the highest 15 or 30-minute demand established during such month.

Where 2 or more metering installations are provided on the customer's premises, the demand in any 15 or 30 minute period shall be determined by totalizing such 15 or 30 minute period. Where there are 2 or more watt-hour metering installations on the customer's premises, the kilowatt-hours supplied shall be determined by totalizing together the kilowatt-hours metered at each installation. The kilowatt-hours supplied at 2 or more premises will not be combined for billing purposes hereunder. All metering will be on the line side of the customer's service. Customers metered on the low voltage side of their service transformers shall have a 1% increase added to the monthly measured energy and maximum demand to account for transformer losses.

Power Factor Adjustment

Power Factors less than 90% lagging the monthly measured demand will be adjusted for the difference below 90%:

  • Adjusted Demand equals  {1 plus (.90 - Power Factor) multiplied by measured demand}

Load Factor Adjustment (Credit)

The load factor is a credit for high-efficiency demand customers. The demand reading is multiplied by the meter multiplier and multiplied by 450 (the load factor). The total kilowatt-hours consumed in the period are then subtracted from this number. The result is then multiplied by a factor of .0105. If this results in a negative number the customer receives a credit.

Terms of Service

The customers' term of service shall commence when service is established and shall continue for not more than 10 days after the notice is received to discontinue service.

Late Payments

Payments received after the due date will receive a late fee of 5%. Services are subject to disconnection and further charges when payment is past due for 30 days or more.