Environmental Commission

The Batavia Environmental Commission advises the city government in developing policies to support environmental issues, and the City of Batavia's commitment to the Greenest Region Compact. The Commission works with the community to help develop educational programs, events, and materials to promote environmental causes in Batavia.

The Batavia mayor appoints seven Batavia residents to serve on Batavia Environmental Commission, and two city employee liaison. The 2023 members are: 

  • Alex Zelles, Chairperson
  • Carolyn Burnham
  • Emma Cole
  • Andrew Deitchman
  • Andrew Greenhagen
  • Gary King
  • Michael Willuweit
  • City Liaison, Senior Civil Engineer Tim Grimm
  • City Liaison, City Engineer Rahat Bari

The commission meets 7 p.m., the second Wednesday of each month. Check the meeting agendas for location details, as the meeting places are subject to change.